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Plus Size Lingerie

Plus size lingerie for women: opt for sexy underwear

Plus size lingerie for women: opt for sexy underwear

Explore our selection of lingerie for generous sizes. Combining comfort, style and sensuality, our collection has been meticulously chosen to magnify your curves. By choosing Elixirati large size lingerie, you will find pieces that adapt perfectly to your figure.

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Black Satin and Lace... Black Satin and Lace...
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Black Satin and...
€49.95 Price

Discover our black kimono, a must-have piece combining comfort and seduction. Crafted from delicate satin and accented with translucent black lace, this flattering piece will envelop you in sensual elegance.

Perfect for your moments of relaxation or to add a touch of glamor to your intimate moments, this chic and sexy dressing gown guarantees you an irresistible allure. Let yourself be seduced by its sophisticated charm and give free rein to your sensuality.

Let yourself be carried away by the captivating charm and irresistible seduction of our sexy corset and thong combination. Let yourself be carried away by the captivating charm and irresistible seduction of our sexy corset and thong combination.
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Sexy Corset Set...
€49.95 Price

Discover our translucent black lingerie top, designed to highlight your chest and hips in style. With its perfect support and ideal fit for all body shapes, this lingerie is an ideal choice for curvy women as well as slimmer figures. Combining trend, sensuality and elegance, this piece is the very embodiment of fine, sexy and elegant lingerie.

So, are you ready to add a touch of glamor to your women's underwear wardrobe?

Sexy Bodysuit without... Sexy Bodysuit without...
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Sexy Bodysuit...
€39.95 Price

Immerse yourself in a sensual and romantic atmosphere with our elegant erotic bodysuit, perfect for intimate moments with your partner.

This delicately designed erotic lingerie subtly bares the chest, reigniting the flame of passion and strengthening intimacy.

Ideal for stimulating new fantasies and erotic role-playing in the couple, this thong bodysuit enhances your femininity with its lacing between the breasts, offering a touch of luxury and boldness to your naughty lingerie.

Luxurious Black Lingerie... Luxurious Black Lingerie...
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Luxurious Black...
€39.95 Price

Discover our black lingerie set, a matching and sexy ensemble that enhances your femininity.

Featuring a lace-up bra with criss-cross lacing to accentuate your bust, and a matching thong, this sheer lingerie set offers a touch of high-end sensuality and seduction. Crafted with high-quality materials, it combines comfort and elegance, delicately highlighting your curves with refinement and sophistication.

Choose this set for an irresistible allure and enhanced confidence in your femininity.

Indulge in this exquisite lingerie for unforgettable nights filled with elegance and charm. Indulge in this exquisite lingerie for unforgettable nights filled with elegance and charm.
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Sexy Long...
€59.95 Price

Discover mysterious seduction with our long sexy nightgown.

Ideal for all body types, this gown enhances the bust with a seductive neckline. Adjustable straps for a perfect fit. Golden lace trim for added glamour. Luxurious satin texture for a sensual touch. Open back for a feminine and sexy look.

A timeless, elegant, and comfortable lingerie piece to reveal your femininity with class.

Dive into a world of luxury and prestige, where each piece is designed to make you irresistible. Dive into a world of luxury and prestige, where each piece is designed to make you irresistible.
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Erotic Open...
€34.95 Price

Discover our selection of crochless and open cup lingerie, combining seduction and femininity. With red lace details, this revealing bodysuit offers a perfect blend of comfort and sensuality.

Surprise your partner with bold and erotic lingerie designed to make you thrill with pleasure.

Ideal as a gift for a sensual woman. Discover our women's nightwear set. Ideal as a gift for a sensual woman. Discover our women's nightwear set.
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Red Night Chemise...
€49.95 Price

Discover our red lace nightdress set with thin straps, a revealing lingerie set with a matching string, offering high-quality comfort and soft fabrics.

Embody charisma and femininity, reignite the flame of seduction, and surprise your partner.

With its open back, this set highlights your back and chest, giving you an irresistible and sensual allure.

Three-Piece Sexy Red... Three-Piece Sexy Red...
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Three-Piece Sexy...
€49.95 Price

Explore seduction in style with our Obsessive Ingridia three-piece lingerie set in red. This set features a sultry ensemble of bra, garter belt, and matching thong, exuding sophistication and allure.

Adjustable straps and multi-level closure ensure a perfect fit, enhancing confidence and femininity. With padded cups and delicate lace details, this ensemble accentuates curves with elegance and charm. Elevate your lingerie collection with this exquisite set, crafted from premium materials for ultimate comfort and style.

Black Plunging Neckline... Black Plunging Neckline...
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Black Plunging...
€49.95 Price

This black bodysuit from the Amoria collection by the renowned lingerie brand Obsessive, symbolizes confidence, awakening all your senses and providing the inner strength needed to assert your feminine leadership.

With its open crotch, it allows you to break free from routine and explore new pleasures, surprising your partner with romantic surprises.

Amoria Collection Corset... Amoria Collection Corset...
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Amoria Collection...
€49.95 Price

Dive into elegance with our unparalleled sophistication black corset and string set. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and precision, this ensemble embodies meticulous craftsmanship, accentuating feminine curves.

Whether you choose to pair this corset with stockings or wear it solo, the wow factor is guaranteed. Explore our collection now.

Open Bust Lingerie Set -... Open Bust Lingerie Set -...
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Open Bust...
€49.95 Price

Discover the ultimate expression of seduction with our exquisite set, designed to elevate every intimate moment to new heights of passion and elegance.

Indulge in the tempting cutouts and irresistible geometric pattern of this two-piece open sexy lingerie set: an invitation to eroticism and sophistication.

Lollypopy Underwear: Girly... Lollypopy Underwear: Girly...
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€24.95 Price

Welcome to the enchanted world of the Lollypopy set! After your purchase, you'll be thrilled with anticipation to discover this lingerie treasure.

Whether you're looking to seduce your partner or simply feel irresistible every day, this set is the perfect choice. It embodies seduction and charm while retaining a touch of modernity and youthfulness.

Who would have thought that pink, with its sweet charm, could rival classic colors like black and red?

But once you slip into this two-piece bikini set in pink faux leather, you'll understand why it's so special.

Abandonnez-vous à la passion avec ce body noir élégant qui s'ajuste parfaitement à votre corps. Abandonnez-vous à la passion avec ce body noir élégant qui s'ajuste parfaitement à votre corps.
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Body Noir...
€59.95 Price

Succombez à notre collection de la marque Obsessive et laissez-vous emporter par sa sensualité. 

Élégance et glamour s'entrelacent dans le Body Milladis d'Obsessive. Révélez votre féminité avec cette pièce exceptionnelle, et mettant en valeur vos hanches. Conçu pour un confort optimal, ce body noir allie sophistication et séduction avec bretelles ajustables, soutien-gorge à armatures et perles argentées.

Corset and Red Lace String... Corset and Red Lace String...
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Corset and Red...
€49.95 Price

Experience the ultimate sensation of seduction with our sculpting lace lingerie top in red and its snug-fitting thong, a sensual set crafted from high-quality, chic, and refined red lace. With its sexy open-back design, this ensemble embodies elegance and ensures optimal comfort.

Highlighting your feminine curves with its lace-up corset back and sexy red lace thong.

Garter Stockings in Black... Garter Stockings in Black...
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Garter Stockings...
€9.95 Price

Immerse yourself in a world of glamour with this second Penthouse collection! Let yourself be captivated by our exquisite fine lingerie, designed to delicately hug your curves and accentuate your hips with captivating sensuality.

The look is complemented by the fine mesh fabric and delicate cross-striped decorations. With a high waist and refined details, this stocking will transport you into a realm of luxurious sensuality.

Dare to be different, radiate confidence with our lingerie that celebrates your femininity. This piece promises you moments of luxury and seduction at every turn.

Timeless: Black Bimaterial... Timeless: Black Bimaterial...
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Timeless: Black...
€49.95 Price

Indulge in the epitome of femininity with our black corset and matching string from our stunning Norides lingerie collection by Obsessive. Designed to elegantly enhance your curves with sensuality, this irresistible duo is a true tribute to feminine beauty.

The corset's bra, featuring comfortable underwires, enchantingly accentuates your bust, highlighting your femininity with a touch of sophistication. Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit, allowing you to feel comfortable and alluring all day long.

Meanwhile, the string adds an extra touch of allure to your ensemble. Designed to perfectly hug your curves, it offers unmatched comfort while subtly accentuating your assets.

Black BDSM Bodysuit:... Black BDSM Bodysuit:...
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Black BDSM...
€44.95 Price

Our deep black Norides collection open bodysuit offers an unparalleled experience.

With its open crotch and exposed chest design, this sultry bodysuit entices with its sensual cut, ideal for those seeking seduction. Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit, while the neckband accentuates the bust with a silver zipper, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour. Its trendy style and the hook closure in the back add a unique touch.

Norides Collection... Norides Collection...
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€44.95 Price

This two-piece black bimaterial lingerie set embodies elegance and seduction. The combination of materials ensures a perfect fit, while the delicate lace and silver pendant add a touch of beauty and originality.

The boxer briefs, with their black lace panel and front zipper, accentuate the feminine curves and offer perfect support. For women, this lingerie is both sexy and comfortable, enhancing femininity and buttocks in a seductive way.

The bra, featuring a multi-step closure and adjustable underwires, provides optimal support and enhances the bust. With its elegant and modern design, this set is perfect for those seeking a trendy and chic style.

Black Leather Style... Black Leather Style...
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Black Leather...
€39.95 Price

Dear daring seductress,

On behalf of our boutique, we are delighted to present to you our flagship piece: the sumptuous black bodysuit from the Norides collection by Obsessive. It's much more than just lingerie; it's an ode to femininity and self-confidence, designed to reveal your ultimate seductive power.

Imagine yourself enveloped in this high-end bodysuit, adjustable to perfection to elegantly enhance your curves. Our underwire cups provide perfect support, while the crossed cut on the breasts creates an enchanting décolletage, drawing all eyes to you. This leather-style bodysuit with lace perfectly showcases your buttocks and accentuates your feminine silhouette, adding an irresistible touch of seduction.

Treat yourself to an experience of elevated comfort and unmatched seduction with the luxurious Norides Obsessive lingerie set. Treat yourself to an experience of elevated comfort and unmatched seduction with the luxurious Norides Obsessive lingerie set.
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€49.95 Price

Immerse yourself in a sensation of luxury and elegance with our Norides 3-piece lingerie set. Featuring a chic and refined aesthetic, this ensemble is designed to make you feel sexy and sophisticated on any special occasion.

This black set includes a thong, a bra, and a garter belt, offering a perfect fit with its multi-level closure and adjustable straps. The underwires delicately accentuate the bust, while the shiny pendant subtly catches the eye.

The chic cut of this sexy and elegant women's robe adds a touch of sophistication to your style. The chic cut of this sexy and elegant women's robe adds a touch of sophistication to your style.
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Sexy Long Sleeve...
€89.95 Price

Indulge in the world of luxury with this romantic robe made of translucent material, adorned with a seductive polka dot pattern. Every detail has been carefully crafted to evoke desire and encourage mischief, while enveloping your silhouette in an aura of mystery and seduction.

With its long and glamorous cut, this sexy robe is designed to accentuate every curve of your body with grace and subtlety. Its feminine and refined silhouette allows you to feel both confident and seductive, whether you wear it for an intimate evening together or simply to lounge at home.

Serena Love Collection... Serena Love Collection...
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Serena Love...
€49.95 Price

Step into the world of high-end lingerie and let yourself be seduced by our chemise, a sensual and elegant piece that embodies timeless glamour. Designed to offer optimal comfort and chic seduction, it exudes luxury.

With its adjustable back closure and adjustable straps, this chemise adapts to all body types. Its delicate lace trimmings and underwire cups add a touch of femininity, while the jewel on the bust confers a unique charm, subtly enhancing your chest and décolletage.

The matching thong, crafted with the same attention to quality and comfort, complements the chemise perfectly. Made from soft, stretchy materials, it offers a perfect fit and elegantly accentuates your feminine curves.

Black Lace Panties from the... Black Lace Panties from the...
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Black Lace...
€14.95 Price

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Serena Love fine lingerie, where floral elegance and graceful lace merge with comfortable, luxurious fabric.

Each piece embodies sensuality and femininity, offering unparalleled comfort while accentuating the curves of the hips and buttocks.

Imagine yourself enveloped in our black floral lace panties, adorned with a sparkling pendant at the front, adding a touch of charm and sophistication. Its deep cut at the back visually lengthens the legs, creating an elegant and sensual ensemble.

Are you ready to discover the elegant black lace panties of Serena Love and flourish in your femininity?

Garter Belt from the Serena... Garter Belt from the Serena...
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Garter Belt from...
€29.95 Price

Some lingerie pieces have the power to completely transform your look. Our Serena Love garter belt is one of those pieces. Pair it with any black lingerie set, preferably from the same collection, and your favorite stockings to feel utterly unique.

Our Serena Love garter belt is the ultimate lingerie accessory for a modern and sexy style. Featuring adjustable hook-and-eye closures, it provides a perfect fit to enhance your silhouette.

The removable and adjustable garter straps add a touch of versatility and sensuality, while the front jewel pendant adds an irresistible glamour. The vertical hoops elegantly accentuate the waist, creating a captivating and alluring silhouette.

Serena Love Translucent... Serena Love Translucent...
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Serena Love...
€59.95 Price

Seduction guaranteed with our sheer black bodysuit, the ultimate weapon to conquer an elegant and fatal woman. This essential piece is the key to a subtle and irresistible reconquest.

Whether to reignite the flame of an existing relationship or to win back the heart of a loved one, this bodysuit embodies refined seduction and delicate passion.

Dive into intimacy with our Serena Love bodysuit, designed for unforgettable moments with its open crotch. Adjustable straps and a back closure ensure a perfect fit, while underwire cups provide optimal support.

Get ready to experience moments of ultimate seduction and comfort with this irresistible bodysuit.

Serena Love Corset and... Serena Love Corset and...
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Serena Love...
€59.95 Price

Dive into the exquisite details of our sensual lingerie: the Serena Love corset and string in high-quality black floral lace for a glamorous look.

The underwire cups offer optimal support while naturally enhancing your cleavage. The vertical boning visually shapes your silhouette for an elegant and sculpted allure. The hook-and-eye closure at the back ensures a perfect fit, combining pleasure and comfort throughout the day.

Moreover, the adjustable straps allow you to customize your fit for optimal support. Made from soft and pleasant-to-the-touch fabric, our corset envelops you in luxurious comfort at every moment.

Discover the perfect harmony between style and comfort with our refined ensemble.

Erotic Set: Sexy Brazilian... Erotic Set: Sexy Brazilian...
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Erotic Set: Sexy...
€29.95 Price

Explore the INTT Brazilian Panty, a fine and sensual lingerie designed to enhance your curves and awaken femininity.

Crafted in high-quality red floral lace, this lace panty, adorned with a delicate bow on the hips, offers optimal comfort.

With its exclusive pearl ring, it promises subtle and exquisite stimulation, tailored to all body types thanks to its adjustable knots on the hips. It fits perfectly in sizes from S to XL.

Accompanied by a strawberry-flavored lubricant, this complete pack ensures an unforgettable sensory experience.

Cubalove: Sensual Red... Cubalove: Sensual Red...
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Cubalove: Sensual...
€49.95 Price

With the sensational Cubalove swimsuit, embark on a glamorous getaway.

Imagine yourself strolling along the white sandy beaches of Varadero, under the tropical sun of the island, clad in this vibrant red that captures the passionate energy of Cuban culture. This asymmetrical monokini, with its exotic flowers on the shoulder, evokes confident sensuality and irresistible elegance.

The flowers adorning the shoulder add a touch of natural beauty, instantly transporting you to an island paradise.

Inspired by 90s style, its high-cut hip line accentuates your curves with confident sensuality, inviting you to seduce with timeless elegance.

Lacelove Lingerie Set -... Lacelove Lingerie Set -...
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Lacelove Lingerie...
€39.95 Price

Indulge in boldness and sensuality with our three-piece red lace lingerie set, a perfect fusion of charm and intensity.

The adjustable bra, with its underwire, offers impeccable support while enhancing your bust. Ideal for charming your partner, this lingerie set seduces with its cut and extremely sexy lace finish.

Its deep neckline enhances your bust, while its crossed back adds an extra touch of elegance.

And what about this sexy panty in soft fabric? It completes this set by accentuating your femininity and perfectly highlighting your legs and buttocks! To top it all off, the garter belt, equipped with four adjustable straps, ensures both practicality and seduction.

Can you ask for more?

Latinesa : Two-Piece Sheer... Latinesa : Two-Piece Sheer...
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Latinesa :...
€39.95 Price

Are you looking to captivate attention with elegance and sensuality? Our Latines two-piece lingerie set is designed for you, women eager to seduce and feel irresistibly beautiful!

Reveal your femininity with this ensemble: guaranteed seduction with its sensual design, absolute comfort with its adjustable straps, sublime radiance with the silver pendant, and enhanced self-confidence regardless of your silhouette.

With its modern design and high-quality transparent fabric, this set offers you ultimate comfort while ensuring an elegant and glamorous style.

Glandez Set: Sensual Black... Glandez Set: Sensual Black...
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Glandez Set:...
€69.95 Price

Shape your silhouette, dare to wear the Glandez corset and string set from the Obsessive brand, made of delicate black fabric, featuring intense red accents for a bold look. Perfect for women, this set is designed to enhance the neckline and elegantly accentuate the silhouette.

With its adjustable straps and lacing for a perfect fit, it combines comfort and sensuality. A transparent choice for an irresistible allure, whether worn as lingerie or sensual attire.

3 reasons to succumb to large-size lingerie Elixirati

Comfort and adjustment

We understand the importance of comfort and adjustment for round silhouettes with large lingerie. Our models offer optimal support, soft, stretchable fabrics, and a cut that highlights your curves in a flattering way.

Style and elegance

Our collection of large-size lingerie offers a range of elegant styles and designs for all occasions. Whether you are looking for bras and shirt panties, matching bodys or nuts, you will necessarily find a model adapted to your personal style. Express yourself with class with our large lingerie.

Natural beauty mirror

Our large underwear is designed to showcase your natural beauty. Well-fitting and elegant lingerie emphasizes your shapes harmoniously, giving you confidence and sensuality. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and seductive, and our large-size lingerie allows you to embrace your femininity with pride.

Large aesthetic lingerie

Large lingerie offers practical and aesthetic benefits. It offers additional support while valuing your curves. By adapting to generous shapes, large-size sexy lingerie creates harmonious visual effects. The wide-size line of lingerie selected by Elixirati is made with quality materials, neat designs and ornaments designed to enhance the strengths. By wearing comfortable and sexy underwear, you boost your self-confidence and it will be felt in your attitude.

Each one deserves to feel seductive and sensual. It doesn't matter what its shapes are. Large-size lingerie plays an important role for women with strong aesthetic expectations. It is with this in mind that Elixirati has selected these pieces for you.

Also succumb to our range of sensual accessories