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Indulge in the ultimate pleasure with our remote-controlled prostate massager. Designed for male satisfaction and intimate exploration, this vibrator promises unforgettable vibration.


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Introducing the HUGO™ 2 Remote Prostate Massager in seductive black, a cutting-edge prostate pleaser poised to redefine your sensual escapades. Whether indulging in solo self-gratification or diving into intimate rendezvous with a partner, this sleek and seductive sex toy is crafted to unlock unbridled ecstasy and unleash earth-shattering climaxes.

Designed for the ultimate in erotic indulgence, the HUGO™ 2 Remote boasts a revamped silhouette that effortlessly conforms to your body's curves, delivering exquisite prostate stimulation and unrivaled gratification. With intensified power coursing through its veins, succumb to waves of carnal pleasure that leave you quivering with desire and yearning for more.

Immerse yourself in a decadent array of eight potent pleasure modes, each promising a tantalizing journey through a labyrinth of sensation designed to awaken your deepest carnal cravings. From gentle throbs to spine-tingling vibrations, immerse yourself in an erotic odyssey tailored to satiate every longing, all while luxuriating in the divine embrace of prostate massage.

Experience the intoxicating rush of SenseMotion™ technology, where mastery over your pleasure lies at your fingertips—or more precisely, in the subtle tilt and sway of the remote control. With dual modes at your command, effortlessly escalate your erotic pleasure with a mere flick of your wrist, granting you complete dominion over your lascivious exploits.

But the crescendo of ecstasy doesn't end there—behold the HUGO™ 2 Remote, boasting not one but two titillating engines strategically positioned for double the carnal bliss. Surrender to the tantalizing embrace as pulsating waves of euphoria ripple through your being, propelling you into uncharted realms of orgasmic nirvana.

With extended battery life, a treasure trove of modes, and an expanded range of intensities, the HUGO™ 2 Remote ensures that your carnal conquests know no limits. Whether embarking on solo adventures or amplifying intimacy with a lover, this erotic marvel pledges to elevate your erotic encounters to unprecedented heights of arousal and fulfillment, leaving you gasping for breath and utterly sated.

Fashioned from biocompatible silicone and ABS plastic, the sleek contours of the HUGO™ 2 Remote provide an unrivaled tactile experience. With dimensions of 107x41x104mm, an insertable length of 72mm, and a weight of 151g, revel in the gratifying heft that amplifies sensation. Powered by a Li-ion 420mAh 3.7V battery, relish in enduring stimulation with vibrating motors operating at 130 Hz and 108 Hz respectively, all while emitting a discreet <60 dB maximum noise level. Adorned in a captivating green/black color scheme, this seductive massager promises both elegance and indulgence.

Complementing this opulent device is its companion remote, crafted from the same premium materials. Measuring 64x26x64mm and weighing a mere 30g, it nestles snugly in your palm for effortless command. Fueled by 2 AAA batteries, this compact remote places the reins of pleasure at your fingertips, allowing you to sculpt your desires with effortless finesse. Whether embarking on solitary exploration or delving into shared pleasures, this dynamic duo pledges to elevate your intimate dalliances to a realm of uncharted ecstasy, transforming every encounter into an unforgettable odyssey of bliss.

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