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Unleash sensual ecstasy with Liberty 2 Clitoris Stimulator. Innovative ClitPump technology delivers intense pleasure. Waterproof design for bath-time indulgence. Compact and discreet, with multiple modes for customized satisfaction. Elevate your pleasure today.


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Unleash your sexual freedom with the enticing Womanizer Liberty 2 StimuCup & Suction Pleaser in Light Green. This sleek and petite companion, featuring a magnetic lid, offers you the freedom to explore pleasure wherever you desire.

With its innovative ClitPump technology and Pleasure Air sensations, the Womanizer Liberty 2 stimulates your erogenous zones, delivering gentle suction and pulsating waves of ecstasy. Experience heightened arousal as it delicately stimulates your genitals, intensifying your pleasure with each touch.

Dive into a world of sexual sensations with the Liberty 2 StimuCup & Suction Pleaser Light Green, offering stunning colors and two enhanced modes for customized stimulation. From subtle caresses to powerful orgasms, explore a range of sensations on your journey to ultimate sexual satisfaction.

Designed for pleasure in any environment, the waterproof Liberty 2 ensures seamless enjoyment in the shower or bath. Crafted from premium materials like silicone and ABS, its durability matches its discreetness, allowing for exploration without limits. And when it's time to clean up, its simple maintenance ensures hassle-free care.

Operating the Liberty 2 is effortless – just click the + button to unlock its sexual potential, with eight settings to match your mood. And for discreet adventures, the travel lock feature keeps your intimate moments private, preserving your pleasure with ease.

Elevate your sexual experiences with the Liberty 2 StimuCup & Suction Pleaser Light Green – a symbol of sexual empowerment and ecstasy. Whether alone or with a partner, let the Liberty 2 ignite your passion and guide you to new peaks of sexual fulfillment.

Our Liberty 2 Clitoris Stimulator & Suction Cup: a sleek sexual pleasure device crafted with premium ABS, PU, and silicone materials, meeting European safety standards. With a compact design and magnetic closure lid, it's discreet and portable. Rechargeable via USB with a quick 60-minute charge for 120 minutes of playtime, its LED indicator ensures you're never left wanting. Available in vibrant colors, each package includes the Womanizer, charging cable, and manual for an all-in-one satisfaction experience.

Explore the phallic-inspired shape of the Liberty 2, crafted with realistic texture and curved design for heightened pleasure. Dive into sensual exploration with the Liberty 2's innovative materials, including silicone and stainless steel, ensuring a premium experience with every use. Enhance communication and intimacy by sharing desires and discussing sexual preferences with your partner, opening doors to new experiences and fantasies to realize. Elevate foreplay with the Womanizer Liberty 2, creating a sensual atmosphere using its vibrating sensations and textured surfaces to ignite passion. Experiment with domination and submission games using the versatile settings of the Liberty 2, allowing for exploration of limits and new sexual practices with ease.

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