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Edible lingerie & sweets

Sensuality is at the heart of our selection of edible lingerie, and other sweet treats, to savor directly on your partner's body. Raise the temperature with sweet underwear, body paints, sparkling powders... Pleasure and voluptuousness come with these gourmet games.

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Ne laissez pas la routine s'installer, élevez votre expérience intime avec nos gommes booster de libido. Ne laissez pas la routine s'installer, élevez votre expérience intime avec nos gommes booster de libido.
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Libido Booster...
€5.95 Price

Don't let routine set in and discover our libido-boosting gummies, specially designed to increase women's pleasure and sexual desire. Formulated without lactose and gluten, they are suitable for all diets. Additionally, they contain no added sugar, offering a healthy and natural alternative. Enriched with zinc, our female libido supplements also help increase fertility.

Erectile Booster Gummies I... Erectile Booster Gummies I...
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Erectile Booster...
€5.95 Price

Discover how to boost male libido with Wug Gum, a natural and effective solution to rediscover the pleasure of fulfilling intimate relationships. Our gummies, made with Maca, used by the Aztecs for its invigorating properties, are designed to boost erection, increase desire, and improve men's sexual performance. Enriched with Vitamin B6 to reduce fatigue and Zinc* to maintain normal testosterone levels, these gummies offer you a no-compromise experience: lactose-free, gluten-free, no added sugars, and GMO-free.

Easy to use, they are chewed 10 minutes before intimacy for a fast and powerful effect, surpassing traditional dietary supplements.

On Gum: Energizing Chewing... On Gum: Energizing Chewing...
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On Gum:...
€4.95 Price

Whether you're on the move, in the office or training, our caffeine, guarana and ginger gummies will accompany you everywhere, offering you a dose of refreshing energy at any time.

Edible Coconut Massage Gel:...
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Edible Coconut...
€9.95 Price

Unleash sensuality with Voluptas Coconut Massage Gel.

Its warming effect, bewitching scent, and moisturizing texture create indulgent moments of relaxation and intimate connection for couples.

Erotic Edible Caramel...
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Erotic Edible...
€9.95 Price

Experience the seductive allure of Voluptas Caramel Edible Massage Gel, crafted for intense pleasure.

With a warming effect and tantalizing flavor, it's perfect for sensual encounters

Edible Strawberry Massage...
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Edible Strawberry...
€9.95 Price

Indulge in the warming effect and tempting flavor of our gourmet Edible Strawberry Massage Gel, Voluptas.

Crafted from a blend of natural extracts and aromatic essences, our refined gel combines moisturizing properties with a captivating taste, creating an unforgettable experience for you and your partner.

Latex-compatible, it offers sensual pleasure and passion, perfect for intimate moments.

Tropical Paradise: Coconut...
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€14.95 Price

Experience our tropical paradise in a bottle with our Edible Love Oil in Coconut and Pineapple, a sensual invitation to exotic foreplay.

Let yourself be carried away by the delicate warmth of our water-based Foreplay Oil. Use the included dropper to apply this paradisiacal potion to erogenous zones, then gently blow to feel a sensual warming sensation. An oil that lives up to its name, a water-based formula, non-staining, for worry-free moments of intimacy.

Surrender to the intoxicating and aphrodisiac fragrances that transport your intimacy and love to heavenly heights.

A sensory experience where exoticism blends with passion.

Exotic Experience: Tropical...
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€14.95 Price

Opt for our Water-based Foreplay Oil that gently warms the skin, offering a sensual tropical experience.

Use the included dropper to apply the Love Oil to erogenous zones of the body, gently blow on the area to feel the warming sensation. True to its name, it's a water-based formula that's non-staining.

Indulge in its exotic and aphrodisiac fragrances that enhance your intimacy and love.

Instructions: Apply to an erogenous zone, gently blow on the area to feel the soft warmth sensation.

Explorez sans attendre le mystère d'une relation épanouissante et sensuelle avec notre Huile d'Amour.
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Indulge in...
€18.95 Price

Indulge in subtle lust with our Water-based Foreplay Oil, gently enveloping the skin with an intoxicating warmth.

Use the included dropper to apply Love Oil to erogenous zones, then gently blow to experience the sensual warming sensation. More than just an oil, it lives up to its name with a water-based, non-staining formula.

Let yourself be carried away by its intoxicating and aphrodisiac scents, a true accomplice to your intimacy and love.

Instructions: Apply to an erogenous zone, gently blow for a soft warming sensation.

Savor the Passion: Edible...
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Savor the...
€14.95 Price

Embark on a preliminary journey with our Water-based Edible Foreplay Oil, delicately enveloping the skin with soothing warmth.

Use the included dropper to apply the Love Oil to erogenous zones, then gently blow to experience the sensual warming sensation. More than just an oil, it lives up to its name with a water-based, non-staining formula.

Let yourself be carried away by its intoxicating and aphrodisiac fragrances, a true accomplice to your intimacy and love.

Instructions: Apply to an erogenous zone, gently blow for a gentle rise in warmth.

Préparez-vous à briller de l'intérieur et à rayonner à chaque exposition au soleil  avec nos Wug Gum Solaire.
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Natural Bronzing...
€4.95 Price

Take advantage of our natural ingredients for a radiant tan! Our tanning gum, enriched with natural ingredients like beta-carotene, vitamin C, lycopene, vitamin D, biotin and green tea, prepares your skin for sun exposure while protecting and nourishing it. Adopt this food supplement for a golden and luminous complexion, and make the most of your sunny days with healthy skin.

Our product is gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free, guaranteeing healthy consumption suitable for everyone. Prepare to glow from the inside out and radiate with every exposure to the sun with our Wug Gum Solar.

Notre formule thermique est 100% naturelle, garantie sans gluten, ni sucre. Notre formule thermique est 100% naturelle, garantie sans gluten, ni sucre.
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Edible Bubble Gum...
€19.95 Price

Discover our edible massage oil, with an irresistible warming effect and a delicious Bubble Gum flavor.

Our thermal formula is 100% natural, guaranteed gluten-free and sugar-free.

A perfect gift for a gourmet pleasure, it is enriched with ginseng for an irresistible flavor. To intensify the warming effect, gently blow on the skin after applying the oil.

Our plant-based food aroma contains no animal products, is not tested on animals, and contains no alcohols or mineral oils. Perfect for well-being, sensual massage, it is compatible with intimate areas and condoms.

Gift Box for Couple -... Gift Box for Couple -...
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Gift Box for...
€29.95 Price

Give your partner a unique and memorable gift with our Exotic Pleasure box from the Want-you brand. This erotic box made in France is designed to rekindle the flame of love and intimacy in your relationship. Embrace perfect moments with your partner with this naughty set, including everything you need for a sensual massage and moments of intimate sharing.

Take care of him sensually and rekindle the passion in your relationship.

Gourmet Seduction:...
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€29.95 Price

Discover a deliciously indulgent night with our Chocolate Seductions box, designed to awaken your senses and spice up your relationship.

Let yourself be seduced by the perfect alliance between pleasure and creativity, as you explore each of the 36 desire cards together, savoring each moment of complicity. This original evening idea promises a succulent experience, where chocolate becomes the accomplishment of your romantic games.

Natural Aphrodisiac...
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€4.95 Price

Discover Wug Gum, the natural aphrodisiac gummies that boost your libido and prolong pleasure. Enriched with Damiana for vigor, Ginger for stimulation, and Muira Puama for prolonged sensations, these gluten-free, lactose-free, and sugar-free gummies are perfect for all diets. Simply chew a gum ten minutes before intimacy for optimal sexual performance. These chewing gums are the quick, simple, and effective solution to revitalize your love life in a healthy and natural way.

Chewing Gum for your... Chewing Gum for your...
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Chewing Gum for...
€4.95 Price

The new wellness trend in chewing...

A revolutionary food supplement in sugar-free chewing gum format, with an exquisite tropical flavor. Perfect for active people, this effective chewing gum follows you everywhere. Its unique formula, enriched with vitamins C, H, D, beta-carotene, lycopene and green tea, offers multiple benefits: powerful antioxidant effect, protection of the immune system and strengthening of defenses against external attacks. It is the ideal choice for those who wish to combine well-being and vitality on a daily basis.

Off Gum: Natural Relaxing... Off Gum: Natural Relaxing...
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Off Gum: Natural...
€4.95 Price

Discover Off Gum, the revolutionary chewing gum to combat stress and promote restful sleep. With high-quality ingredients like valerian, melatonin, lemon balm and L-tryptophan, it provides fast and effective relaxation. Ideal after a stressful day or before bed, OFF GUM is gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free. Take it anywhere for instant relaxation and a peaceful night's sleep.

Enjoy a mild mint flavor while soothing your mind and body. Relax and sleep better with Off Gum!

Lubrifiant Comestible...
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€12.95 Price

Savourer l'intimité devient une odyssée exotique avec le lubrifiant comestible 'Sangria Drunk In Love'. Prêt à succomber à cette passion aromatique?

Gin Tonic Love Affair :...
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Gin Tonic Love...
€12.95 Price

Succombez à l'ivresse sensuelle du Gin Tonic avec notre Baume Lubrifiant, une caresse délicieusement sans alcool, une symphonie de saveurs pour explorer l'intimité avec passion.

Sensualité Élégante : Gel...
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€12.95 Price

Redécouvrez l'art de l'érotisme avec une fusion exquise de saveurs, une danse sensuelle qui éveillera vos sens à chaque effleurement. Saisissez la douceur du chocolat avec notre gel lubrifiant 100% comestible. 

Gel Lubrifiant Comestible :...
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Gel Lubrifiant...
€12.95 Price

Savourer chaque instant d'intimité avec nos gels lubrifiants comestibles : Douceur, Désir, Délice – Une expérience sensorielle inoubliable à chaque caresse.

An attractive edible linger offer

Bifting kisses with raspberry on a burning body... it's possible. With the sweet kneaded powders, rediscover your gaming partner's body. If your sensitivity to lingerie is proven, opt instead for strings, bras and other candy underwear. Take time to nibble on them until all the beautiful parts of each other’s body are revealed. For painter or poet souls, test the body paint with both bodies in the background. Let your imagination run to write words of love and erase them with your mouth.

Choosing a gourmet experience with Elixirati

Taste a unique sensory experience

Taste a unique sensory experience that will awaken all your senses by choosing our edible lingerie. Delicate textures and exquisite flavors add a touch of greed and excitement to your intimate moments.

Enjoy the exploration of creativity

Our edible games allow you to explore your creativity and add a fun touch to your love life. Create unforgettable intimate moments by delicately tasting every piece of lingerie, sharing a naughty and complicit experience with your partner.

Enjoy unconsequential pleasure

Edible lingerie offers a fun alternative to traditional underwear. Take full advantage of the present moment, without worrying about buttons, zippers or fasteners. Just enjoy the fun, without any restrictions.

If you've got a taste of the game, check out our range of erotic games for two.