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Welcome to a space of sensuality to rekindle the flame

IImagine the warmth of Guadeloupe, the sweetness of the Caribbean, the sensuality of the islands ... What could be better, to revive the flame of your couple, than to be inspired by the passionate intensity of the West Indies? Discover a space of sensuality dedicated to couples to revive the passion for the charise.






A romantic atmosphere to rekindle the flame

Finding passion in her couple takes time and envy. It is as well as to put all the odds on his side by creating an intimate atmosphere conducive to the awakening of the senses. Yes, but lo and behold, we do not always have the means to pay for a private spa, or a trip to the West Indies, an idyllic place for a couple in search of romanticism, or who wants to find his first emotions. So why not create this space in your home? Imagine a selection of intimate, sensual, naughty products, presented in a home meeting discreetly. An erotic and discreet shop sets up at your house, for a time of an evening, to bring the warmth of Gwada into your privacy. Massage oils, candles, naughty accessories... Aphrodisiac products wake up your senses and raise the temperature... Tropical climate assured. For sensual massage enthusiasts, why not train yourself in two? Learn the right gestures to increase your libido and that of your partner. Boost your pleasure and tell him in Martinican Creole, "Man lé santi chalè kôw asou mwen..." ("I want to feel the warmth of your body on mine...").

The Art of Seduction for Intensive Relationships

Maintaining one's love is essential for sustaining one's relationship. What if you developed your seductive power? Once the romantic atmosphere is created, your sentimental well-being will go through contact with each other. To achieve this, the art of seducing is a real asset. Mastering the zouk to perfection, or saying in Creole "Ser wou man emmen" ("It's you I love") is not enough. The gaze, the lips, the bodies... Seduction is subtle and slowness can be good. An elegant leaf stripping gives rise to a sensuality worthy of a parish beach decoration. And why not a burlesque leaf to spice up your couple? Developing one’s ability to seduce requires self-confidence, to attract the other into one’s private sphere. Seduction involves caring gestures, charm, humor ... a whole bunch of small things that will create an atmosphere conducive to reunion. If you don't know where to start, use a love coach specializing in seduction to deploy your seductive side and reconnect with your partner.

The Heat of the West Indies in Your Couple

Routine, boredom, jealousy, or communication problems are at the root of the difficulties of many couples. There are many reasons for moving away. Work, children, traffic jokes, everyday life... time can quickly be the case for some unions. A Creole expression says that yellow bananas do not become green (translation of "Bannann jonn pa ka vin vet". ... which means that the passing of time is irreversible, so there is an urgent need to regain passion. Don’t worry: it is never too late to do the right thing. Wanting to give yourself another chance and resurrecting one's feelings is the most beautiful declaration of love that you can make to your couple. Why not try a marital coaching to bring you some warmth of the islands into your couple and regain the passion of its beginnings?

There you go, you know how to rekindle the flame and regain the magic of your couple. Draw from the Sensual area of Elixirati and take advantage of all our secrets to give a new boost to your emotional life.