• Tropical Solid Perfume:... Tropical Solid Perfume:...
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    Tropical Solid...
    €19.95 Price

    Discover our powerful aphrodisiac solid perfume for the body, specially designed for intimate areas. With a neutral pH formula and long lasting, this compact solid perfume offers an exotic and sensual experience, combining quality and seduction.

  • Black Leather Style... Black Leather Style...
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    Black Leather Style...
    €39.95 Price

    Dear daring seductress,

    On behalf of our boutique, we are delighted to present to you our flagship piece: the sumptuous black bodysuit from the Norides collection by Obsessive. It's much more than just lingerie; it's an ode to femininity and self-confidence, designed to reveal your ultimate seductive power.

    Imagine yourself enveloped in this high-end bodysuit, adjustable to perfection to elegantly enhance your curves. Our underwire cups provide perfect support, while the crossed cut on the breasts creates an enchanting décolletage, drawing all eyes to you. This leather-style bodysuit with lace perfectly showcases your buttocks and accentuates your feminine silhouette, adding an irresistible touch of seduction.

  • Intimate Unisex 3-in-1...
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    Intimate Unisex 3-in-1...
    €19.95 Price

    Discover our Triple X product, a unisex stimulant designed to ignite, stimulate, and reinvent intimacy. With its warm, cool, and tingling effects, it provides a unique thermal sensation for a universal experience.

    Stimulating, amplifying, and revealing, it is suitable for everyone, for unprecedented excitement, seduction, and satisfaction.

    Dive into ecstasy and reach the pinnacle of orgasm with this innovative and versatile product.

  • Scented Candle of... Scented Candle of...
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    Scented Candle of...
    €24.95 Price

    Let yourself be tempted by a sensual strawberry experience with our amazing massage scented candle.

    Imagine yourself in a sensual atmosphere, lying on a comfortable bed, ready to be transported into a world of exquisite sensations. Relax and let your senses awaken as your partner's expert hands slip on your body, massaging every inch with this strawberry massage scented candle.

    Its natural formula, without wax, made of shea butter and vitamin E, rich background to be transformed into a hot oil, respectful of your skin, will allow you to lounge in peace.

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  • Masculine Massage Candle:...
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    Masculine Massage...
    €19.95 Price

    Bienvenue dans le monde envoûtant d'Elixirati, où chaque bougie est une invitation à un voyage sensoriel unique. Plongez dans une ambiance de sensualité et de mystère avec notre bougie de massage pour hommes, imprégnée de l'arôme captivant de la fougère forestière.

    Imaginez-vous errer à travers des sous-bois mystérieux, où l'air est imprégné de fraîcheur et de vitalité. L'arôme boisé de la fougère éveille les sens et transporte l'esprit vers des contrées sauvages et enchantées. Ses notes herbacées et terreuses évoquent les forêts luxuriantes et les matinées brumeuses, créant une atmosphère à la fois naturelle et envoûtante.

    Non testée sur les animaux et garantie 100% naturelle, cette bougie incarne notre engagement envers le respect de la nature et du bien-être animal.

  • Vanilla Warming Oil:... Vanilla Warming Oil:...
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    Vanilla Warming Oil:...
    €6.95 Price

    Indulge in a moment of sweetness and luxury with our vanilla warming massage oil for a unique moment of pleasure.

    Dive into an ocean of sensuality with this massage oil, made without preservatives and from high-quality natural ingredients, carefully selected to ensure an exotic sensual escape.

    Take the time to connect with your body and fully relax with your partner. It can be applied to all parts of the body, awakening erotic impulses.

    Experience an indulgent and irresistible sensation with its tingling warmth.

  • Miyoshi New York Luxurious...
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    Miyoshi New York...
    €64.95 Price

    Elevate your allure with Miyoshi New York Luxurious Perfume, a captivating blend of sandalwood, jasmine, and citrus. Crafted for confident men, its exotic fragrance amplifies charisma and sensuality, leaving a lasting impression. Unveil the enchanting aroma of orange blossom and ylang-ylang, harmoniously mingled with the elegant notes of cedar and lavender, creating a symphony of scents that tantalize the senses and evoke feelings of freshness and allure.


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  • Male Cleansing Wipes I Cobeco
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    Male Cleansing Wipes I...
    €9.95 Price

    Thanks to their practical pocket size, our intimate wipes for men are perfect to accompany you everywhere, ensuring quick and effective cleaning of your male parts. Their gentle and soothing formula guarantees cleaning without irritation, soap-free and gentle on the skin.

    Enjoy a feeling of freshness and hygiene every day.

  • Cleansing and Exfoliating...
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    Cleansing and...
    €14.95 Price

    Discover Intimate Exfoliant from Femintimate, an intimate scrub designed to prepare the skin before hair removal and shaving. Enriched with papaya extract and a blend of natural ingredients, this exfoliating foam for intimate areas promises healthier, softer skin.

    It helps reduce ingrown hairs between hair removals, while nourishing and hydrating Mimine's skin for complete seduction!

  • Intimate Deodorant with...
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    Intimate Deodorant...
    €19.95 Price

    Immerse yourself in a unique intimate care experience with our feminine pheromone spray mist. Designed for feminine intimate hygiene, this mist goes beyond simple protection against odors. Enriched with extracts of aloe vera, witch hazel, propolis and calendula, it respects the vaginal pH and leaves a gentle fragrance.

    Treat yourself to this little luxury for a feeling of comfort, confidence and seduction.

  • Bois Bandé for Women: Hot...
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    Bois Bandé for Women:...
    €19.95 Price

    Discover Hot Drink, a sunny sensual elixir to revive your desire and sexual energy. Our formula inspired by the West Indies combines the power of Maca, a natural aphrodisiac, with Rhodiola, to balance emotional stress. Muira Puama, secret of the tropics, maintains harmony and hormonal balance for fulfilling relationships. With a dose of revitalizing vitamin C, release your energy and burst with vitality.

    Just 15 ml per day, an invigorating cocktail for a vibrant libido!

  • Fertility Booster for...
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    Fertility Booster for...
    €29.95 Price

    Prepare to make your dream of motherhood come true with our food supplement specially designed to boost female fertility.

    Enriched with vitamin B9, this essential folic acid for pregnancy, combined with powerful plant extracts like maca and milk vetch, prepares your body for conception. Give yourself the best chance of conceiving and becoming a mother with our natural and effective formula.

  • Single Dose Natural Vaginal... Single Dose Natural Vaginal...
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    Single Dose Natural...
    €2.95 Price

    Immerse yourself in a renewed intimate experience with our Vaginal Tightening Gel. Ideal for intensifying pleasure and regaining firmness in your sensual romantic relationships. Practical in a single dose, this natural gel is your ally for moments of satisfaction wherever you are.

    Rediscover pleasure with our vegan solution, perfect after childbirth or in case of intimate muscle relaxation.

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