Sweet Sin of Vanilla: 2-in-1 Warming Effect Lubricant I Secretplay


Explore our 2-in-1 warming massage lubricant, creating an exotic, sensual, and decidedly glamorous atmosphere. Immerse yourself in a symphony of exquisite flavors for all palates.

Free from sugar and parabens, this treasure is perfect for enhancing every erogenous zone: breasts, neck, genitals, etc.

Presented in an "Airless" container, its easy application offers a modern and glamorous experience. With a volume of 50 ml, its captivating vanilla aroma tantalizingly teases the senses.

Not tested on animals, this versatile product can be used as both massage oil and lubricant.

Compatible with condoms and toys, sugar-free, gluten-free, and 100% vegan, this gem is passionately made in Spain.


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Indulge in an exquisite experience where pleasure meets elegance, for a distinctly modern and unforgettable intimacy.

Volume: 50 ml.

Flavor: Vanilla.

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