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Do you know the secrets of romantic massage? Find out why succumb to this romantic bubble and how to make the right gestures. Enjoy the pleasure of touch by massaging with our professional masseuse Elixirati.

Massaging as a duet for the pleasure of the senses

A two-man massage is a sweet romantic parenthesis to offer to your life as a couple. Why practice this powerful relaxation method?

First, to relax. A good massage carried out with the heart by relaxing gestures guarantees the happy beneficiary instant well-being. For the couple, it is a gentle way to relax and reduce the tensions that accumulate on a daily basis.

Dimmed atmosphere, scented candles, soft music... creating an atmosphere of relaxation promotes the secretion of happiness hormones. In a few moments, you enjoy a pleasant sensation that drives out the deleterious effects of stress on your couple.

Secondly, because duo massages are opportunities to stimulate its 5 senses. The warmth of the skin, the smell of massage oil, the touch ... By taking full advantage of the present moment, you return to your body sensations and your emotions. This complicit moment invites itself as a gentle parenthesis to drop the daily routine and reconnect to his or her partner.

Couple massages are memorable moments of well-being in couple life. Contact with the skin of the other reinforces the love bond. It's the magic of hormones that works. It would be a pity not to take advantage of this unforgettable experience...

A moment of complicity in the hollow of your hands

Yes, but loot massage and body care are ephemeral. In institutes, they are carried out by professional persons. Once the relaxation is provided, everything stops. If you practice massages yourself, at home, you may feel a certain amount of frustration at not enjoying the pleasant sensations as well as in the institute.

And why not learn how to massage your partner?

Understanding relaxing, or stimulating, gestures, and reproducing these infinitely relaxing bubbles is tempting. So, give in to the temptation... when your 5 senses are awakened after a massage done with love and desire, you can go further in your intimacy as a couple, by massaging the erogenous zones (if the heart tells you, of course).

By learning small massage techniques yourself, you can repeat the experiment. At home, at your holiday destination, you offer yourself your own body care, at any time and without having to invest again... except in oil or other massage accessories, because you may get a taste for it.

Learning the massage in love with Elixirati

Wondering how to massage a man in love, or a woman in love? Elixirati offers you to learn the art of massage – thanks to our professional masseuse.

Luxurious massage to strengthen the connection of the couple

To strengthen ties, and give your relationship more harmony, take advantage of the Luxurious Massage offer. Appreciated for his relaxing benefits, he has every meaning in the search for a sensual context for life as a couple. By connecting you to your emotions, it stimulates your libido and decreases stress.

The price of a Luxurious Massage session of 45 minutes is 119 euros.

You can learn the techniques of lush massage solo, to surprise your partner, or as a duo to take advantage of two of the tips of our masseuse.

Sensual Massage to Target Areas of the Body

In the form of mini-massages, you choose an area of the body to explore. From the scalp to the feet, through every part of the body, this mini-massage brings well-being and immediate release. By reconnecting with your carnal envelope, the harmony of body and mind is created.

The price of a 30-minute Sensual Massage session is EUR 59.

Our masseuse Elixirati is waiting for you in solo, or in duo for these initiations.

Introductions to massage all over the French-speaking world

Whether you are in the French overseas departments and territories, in Canada, in metropolitan France, in Belgium, in Luxembourg, or in any other French-speaking country, the interventions of our professional masseuse take place in video (and in French).

Our amorous massage professional is at your disposal to teach you all the knowledge and know-how to massage you in two. Feel free to contact her and ask her your questions by filling out the form below.

For those who want to go further in their privacy, also discover the burlesque leaf stripping classes.

“We would point out that massage is not intended to replace a medical consultation and has no medical purpose. Under no circumstances compensate for conventional medical care.

Sensual massage course