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“Connection energy between two beings is more powerful when they know how to use it. ”

This vision of the couple coach Elixirati invites you to go beyond the difficult times. If you just want a boost to intensify your relationship, loving coaching is also for you. Discover his secrets and let yourself be guided by our happy couple expert love coach.

Coaching in love to intensify your sentimental life

As a plant needs water and light, a relationship needs love and listening. In order to be held in the long term, it is necessary to be called into question. And sometimes time is right for the desire of two beings who love each other. To stay the course and maintain passion for love, emotional coaching can guide lovers and lovers to more intimacy, or intensity. Stopping routine is not always obvious. And when habits have been established for several weeks, months, years, how do we change them without hurting each other, when they no longer suit us? Sometimes desires change. The privacy of a sexually fulfilled couple may lead them to want to want more, differently, otherwise, without daring to talk about it or without taking action. This is where loving coaching makes sense: by helping each partner to glimpse his or her couple in the way he or she feels, by freeing themselves from doubts, questions. Sometimes it's just about how to start the desired change, and get moving.

From marital coaching to the development of the couple

So how is this coaching in love? The coach for couples in need of love, or for a relationship in search of renewal, aims to get partners in love out of a dead end. A marital coaching is therefore oriented towards the search for solutions. The aim of the meetings is to put things, words and ills, in order to identify the problem, but above all, to set the course to reach. It is one of the short couples' therapies. It is not a question of analyzing your entire sentimental life with a fine comb, but of going to the heart of the matter. The conjugal coach directs his support towards a common goal for both partners. Like a change facilitator, he makes love intelligence speak to give the couple a step back, to reassure him, and propel him to sentimental well-being. Raising the challenge can only bring intimate fulfillment to the relationship.

The Coach of Couple at Elixirati

Our couple coach offers those who wish to do so to take their emotional lives back into their own hands. Enjoy the energy of renewal after the tumult of life. Maybe this is an opportunity to learn romantic massages to take care of your couple? Understanding the reasons that damage your couple is the key to giving you a new chance. Go on deeper foundations, through love coaching for couples in distress, and continue your story by adding passion, harmony and happiness. The price of an Elixirati couple coaching session is 139 euros. It includes a session time at which our intuitive love coach will best accompany you individually, or as a duo, to get through the impasse in which you are. Sessions séancesare customised according to your needs. With our couple coach Elixirati, you address the sources of conflict that pollute your couple: communication problems, routine, boredom, jealousy, infidelity, sexual problems, children, work...

You now know how to take up the challenge of a happy, free and fulfilled couple. So what are you waiting for to put yourself in action? Contact our couple coach Elixirati via the form below.

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