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Intimate Deodorant with Pheromones for Women: Ferowoman I Eros-Art


Immerse yourself in a unique intimate care experience with our feminine pheromone spray mist. Designed for feminine intimate hygiene, this mist goes beyond simple protection against odors. Enriched with extracts of aloe vera, witch hazel, propolis and calendula, it respects the vaginal pH and leaves a gentle fragrance.

Treat yourself to this little luxury for a feeling of comfort, confidence and seduction.


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Imagine yourself enveloped in a tropical breeze, free from any embarrassment or discomfort, ready to shine in your femininity.

Our deodorant not only gives you that feeling of freshness and cleanliness, but it also adds a touch of seduction thanks to its natural pheromones, called "Ferowoman", which captivate male attention and stimulate desire.

Infused with extracts of Aloe vera, witch hazel, propolis and calendula, this deodorant works in harmony with your body. These soothing and softening ingredients respect the delicate balance of vaginal pH, providing effective protection without disturbing the natural flora.

Whether you're getting ready for a romantic evening or simply for a busy day, our intimate deodorant accompanies you at every stage of your daily life.

Apply it generously to the intimate area for a lasting feeling of freshness, whether before or after sexual intercourse, or simply when you feel the need.

With its captivating fragrance and its practical 75 ml format, our intimate feminine deodorant will quickly become your trusted ally for impeccable intimate hygiene and natural seduction, wherever you are.

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