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Elevate your allure with the luxurious, charming Miyoshi New York fragrance...

Immerse yourself in a captivating virile olfactory world with our high-end charismatic masculine fragrance, designed for men looking for attraction and seduction. Perfumed scents that leave an irresistible trail, for the modern and seductive man. A long-lasting sensory experience to spray without moderation.



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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Miyoshi Miyagi NEXT, a fragrance designed for today's modern man. Inspired by the image of the contemporary man, a traveler between the oceans of daytime business and the gentle shores of nighttime tranquility, this perfume embodies the perfect balance between power and refinement.

Miyoshi Miyagi NEXT is much more than just a perfume. It is infused with an active complex of new generation pheromones, adding a bewitching dimension to its already captivating character. Designed to seduce and captivate, it is intended for demanding men in search of sophistication.

Bright top notes of grapefruit, orange and spearmint evoke a feeling of freshness and liveliness, while the heart reveals rich accords of leather, cinnamon and spicy notes, providing depth and intrigue. Finally, the warm base of ambergris, wood and patchouli envelops the skin with a seductive and captivating aura.

This sophisticated fragrance comes in an elegant 80 ml glass bottle, equipped with an atomizer for easy and precise application. With a feromonas concentration of 1.95 mg/1 ml, an effective dose of 2 to 3 sprays provides long-lasting hold of 6 to 8 hours.

But Miyoshi Miyagi NEXT doesn't just perfume the skin. It creates a total sensory experience, with powerful effects on the people around you. Increasing attractiveness and interest in the conversation, it creates an aura of dominance and sends an ALPHA status signal. It stimulates excitement, authority and respect, while reducing inhibitions.

In addition to its effects on others, Miyoshi Miyagi NEXT also has an impact on the wearer themselves. It inspires greater mental clarity and self-confidence, improving mood and sense of humor.

Not just a scent, but an experience. Our charming fragrance embodies power, sophistication and attraction, making every man who wears it a true master of the game.

-Capacity: 80ml

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